Salt Lake Thanksgiving Round 2

Brian and I are pretty used to spending Thanksgiving away from home.  While we miss our families and wish we could be with them, we always make the best of wherever we are and really enjoy the holiday.  We've been so blessed to spend all of our last five Thanksgivings with wonderful friends:
2009: Taipei.  We went to our friend Jenny's house and had a mismatched, delicious sort of Thanksgiving dinner.
2010: Our first year in Saipan.  We ate Thanksgiving dinner at Laura and Josiah's parents' house and sang the doxology (which made my friend Amy cry :)
2011: Our second year in Saipan.  We ate at Laura and Joe's parents' new house on their enormous front porch, then played Boche Ball on the front lawn with coconuts.
2012: First year in Salt Lake.  We spent the afternoon at the Kozminski's house, ate a huge Thanksgiving feast, then took a walk around the block.  Afterwards, we went over the the Fuller's for round two of Thanksgiving dinner.  We are so lucky- thank you to our wonderful friends for making our Thanksgivings away from home so special!
 This year for Thanksgiving, we went over the Jamie and Taylor's apartment for lunch, after the guys spent the morning skiing.  It was Brian's first time to ski and he loved it.  My friend Jamie is super creative, and made the cutest little place settings at the table.  Their house smelled delicious when we got there, and Jamie was in the process of making her first turkey.  It turned out great!
me, Ashley, and Jamie
 We took about 10 pictures before we got one that wasn't blurry or weird, but this one is my very favorite.  
 My man.  He loved skiing on Thanksgiving and wants to go again soon- me too!
The best food and the best company!  It was also so fun having Ashley and Kyle there and talking around the table.  We love holidays with friends.  Afterwards, Brian and I decided on a whim to go to Walmart to get into the Black Friday shopping spirit.  We didn't even have anything we wanted to buy- just wanted to see the craziness.  Honestly, it was kind of boring.  We walked through the crazy crowds for a few minutes, then went home and watched a movie together. 


Anonymous said...

What is that CUTE cookie candle holder??? Did she make it??? Glad you both had such a great Thanksgiving! Love you:)xoxo Mom

Rachel said...

haha Mom it was stones not cookies!! :) love you too!

Rachel said...
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