Less than two weeks till Christmas!

 Last night we had our friends Amanda and Martin over for dinner and a scary movie (in honor of Friday the 13th).  We made up a big pot of taco soup and some corn bread and had hot chocolate that they had brought us for dessert.  
 Sam could not believe her luck that her friends were here to play with her and was pretty much glued to Amanda and Martin the whole night.  She loves them.  She would come and give me and Brian just one lick, then go give Amanda like 20 haha!
 They brought us the cutest Christmas gift basket ever with hot chocolate, mugs, fuzzy socks, cookie mix, and the coolest plate on the bottom.  Thank so much, guys- come back over again soon!!
 On Tuesday afternoons, I usually work only a half day, so I went over to JL's for a Christmas baking day.  I had been basically begging Jennilyn to have a baking day with me since about Halloween and we wanted to invite all of the girls in the family to make it even better.  I bought a bunch of baking supplies and ribbon on the way over, and JL already had a couple of recipes ready to make too.  We ended up making chocolate dipped pretzels, oreo truffles, cinnamon crockpot almonds, and a curry nut mix.  
 Heather brought over a ton of mason jars that she didn't need anymore.  We cleaned them up and made little gift jars of our treats with ribbon wrapped around the top.
 Ann made the first jar and it turned out so cute.
Gemma with one of the finished products.  We decided that Christmas baking day has to be a tradition for us each holiday season.


Anonymous said...

Awwwwwww, you girls are all so cute:) Wish I could be in on all that fun!! I hope Sam didn't love them more than Geej and Grampa!! Ha Ha:) Mom

crookedstripes said...

I love the way you rearranged the living room!!

Brian and Rachel said...

Haha Mom :) Thanks Sarah! But now the window glares on the tv in the daytime... so i might have to change it back!