Christmas knitting

This morning I went to a knitting class with my friend Samantha at Blazing Needles.  The little Sugarhouse shop was so cute and had a fireplace in the room in back where everyone knits.  When I walked in, everyone was sitting around drinking coffee and knitting.
 The knitting class is free and you can go every Saturday morning, like Sam does (and I'm going to be joining her from now on!).  I bought a new circular knitting needle set while I was there and three skeins of yarn to make the start of a blanket.
 Also, it was snowing all morning.  Salt Lake City has been a snowy wonderland for the past week.
Sam's second little baby is almost here- I can't wait! 

 Here's one of my favorite ornaments on our tree this year.  This little shell turtle is from Saipan and used to be hanging in our cute little island house that was hot and humid all year round.  It honestly seems a little out of place on our Christmas tree in snowy Salt Lake, but it brings back wonderful memories.
And my other favorite ornament was a pre-Chrismas gift for Brian this year.  I found this in Park City with my parents this fall and had to add a few of my own little messages in permanent marker :)

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Anonymous said...

I am beyond jealous!! That looks like so much fun. Please bring those circular needles with you at Christmas and teach me:) Love you so much. xoxo Mom