Porch Party

Some friends of ours had a party on their back porch and their band played- it was so cool!  
Jammin on the patio
Family friends Heather and Gemma
 They are a fun family!  Thankful for them and how they've made us feel so welcome in SLC.

We've found a church that we really like and have joined a small group Bible study that meets each Monday night.  This morning we were singing one of my favorite worship songs in church- 10,000 Reasons by Matt Redman- and I though of how different the surroundings were from the last time I sang that song in church.  The last time was in a wall-less, open-air church by the beach with the ocean in view, and this morning was in a beautifully decorated, darkened church sanctuary.  Completely opposite surroundings, but the very same God.  I love how God is firm and unchanging, and we can worship Him fully wherever we are.  God is taking care of us here in Salt Lake just like he took care of us in Saipan, Taiwan, and everywhere we've been before.

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