Dog Park

 We went to the Independence dog park a few times while we were with family, and one Friday they all came too.
 This summer was so hot and the best time to go was right as the sun was going down and the shade was filling up the dog park.

 My parents brought their dog, Gemma, to play with Samantha and the other dogs.
 Me and my bro. 

 Very best dog in the world!
My mom and dad at the park.  Gemma hops around like a little bunny while she plays with the other pets.

We usually never let Sammie on the couch or the bed, but she was so tired after the dog park she got to snuggle on the couch while I watched Mad Men.  Ha!  Spoiled dog.


Anonymous said...

Scrappy is sad he didn't get to go too!!

Brian and Rachel said...

i MISS Scrappy!!!!