Big Move

Brian and I made a big move to Salt Lake City, Utah!  We've been here for a few weeks now and things are starting to settle down.  It's starting to feel like home here, as we've getting our little apartment fixed up, working, taking a CNA class (me), trying out a couple of new churches, and all that's involved with exploring a new city.  I love the mountains that surround SLC, and I really love the downtown area.  Right now we are southwest of the city, in an apartment with a 3 month lease.  When that's up, we're hoping to move up closer to downtown.

I'm really thankful for the family friends that we have here, who have welcomed us and made us feel comfortable in a new city.  It really helps to know some friends when you move to a completely new place- just like how our friends Laura and Josiah made us feel so welcome when we first moved to Saipan!  (We miss you guys!)

We've been taking advantage of the gorgeous fall weather and have taken a couple of hikes up into the mountains.  Here's a few pics:

Here's the view from a drive over to Park City.  We could only spend a few hours there the day we went because Brian had to work, but we plan on going back soon.  Park City has such a cool feeling, with lots of great restaurants and shopping.  
 Sam's been cooped up in here kennel a lot since we got here, so we try to take her out with us when we can.  She likes sticking her head out the window.
 One of the ski resorts here.

 A Saturday morning hike up Big Cottonwood Canyon.  Saipan had no fall weather, so I'm loving the fall colors and cooler temperatures.  We've been sleeping with our window open every night and it feels freezing when you wake up in the morning.

Still getting used to the higher altitude here.  I felt so out of breath while we were hiking and had to take lots of breaks, even though we didn't go that far!


Crystal said...

It looks absolutely beautiful there. I love all the photos. Wish I could go hiking with y'all. Enjoy exploring the area.

Brian and Rachel said...

thanks Crystal- come visit!! I love all of you and Joe's outdoor pics too- you guys live in a cool place Rachel