Family Time Part 2

Alright here come a bunch more pictures from our time in OKC and Texas. Above are Brian and his brothers, Luke and Eric.
Brian and his siblings
Eric and Kristy with their baby Cambria.  She's working the camera with that little smile!
Brian, Kim, and Eric
The group in Eric and Kristy's backyard

Me and Luke at dinner
We love Aussie!!
Roadtripping!  Me and Bec shared the backseat on the way to Oklahoma.
Hey babe what's up

Playing bocce ball in the backyard

Intense game faces
Brian with his little niece Cambria
Ok I know there's a lot of these with Brian and Cambria but I don't usually get to see Brian holding babies so I just kept taking pictures.  He's going to be such a great dad someday!

We miss you, Cambria, and can't wait to see you again!

Brian and I have been working hard getting things ready for another garage sale.  When we collected our things from the storage unit we had kept while overseas, we realized that we had a bunch of stuff that we really didn't want anymore.  After three years my taste in clothes has changed, and would you believe that we had 4 huge boxes full of only books? So... out with the old and in with the new! 

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