Family Time Part 1

We loved spending time with our family in Texas and OKC!  In no particular order, here are a bunch of pictures from our time with them, with even more to come later. 

 Above:  the family at Eric and Kristy's house.  They bought their first home last year and have spent many hours and lots of hard work fixing it up.  It looks great, and now Brian is really excited to work on a house of our own someday.  We also go to meet our 4 month old, a-dor-able niece, Cambria.  She is the happiest baby ever- so cute!
 Brian and his mom
 Eric and Luke, Brian's brothers
 riding the rabbit statue
 Out at the Riverwalk after dinner
me and my man
Brian with his dad and brother... Luke cannot take a serious picture :)

 Edie and I before church
 me and Brian's younger sister, Kim
 Brian and little sis Becca
The girls on Cambria's baby dedication day
Such a sweet little girl!  Going swimmin!
Hanging out at the house

"Back in America" discoveries so far:

- Julian Smith YouTube videos.  Funniest videos ever and I'm obsessed.

- Brian's exclamation at the first restaurant we went to (Sonic) was, "There are so many choices!!"  I may or may not have made fun of him the rest of the trip for that.

- I really missed Capri Sun more than I knew and drank lots and lots of packets while at Edie's house.

- You really can buy a gallon of milk for less than $12 dollars.  Saipan, you're so silly.

- It's so much less humid in the states, which makes the weather here feel really nice to me- even if it is actually hotter than in Saipan.

- It's so great to have Sammie dog back and we really missed her.  Also, the dog parks in the Kansas City area are awesome, especially the Shawnee Mission one.

-  It was a little scary to drive 70 mph on the highway after Saipan's slow island roads, but you get used to is really quickly.  It was also so nice to get our Isuzu Rodeo back, and to not have to worry about buying a new car when we got back.

- Uhauls are really expensive.  So it moving, in general.

- But it is so worth it, and we're loving being close to family and friends again.  Also, I'm grateful to have great friends here that you can pick up right where you left off with.

- Sonic Ocean Waters and Quick Trip fountain drinks where you can add the flavor- missed those so much.


MyLyn said...

You are such a beautiful and fun couple! So sad we didn't get to know each other better. It looks like you are enjoying the states though! Your families seem like a lot if fun!

Rachel said...

Thanks MyLyn! I've been keeping up with your blog and i love it- it makes me feel like I'm back on the island! We do miss Saipan (and the beach!), but it has been SO awesome to be close to our families again.

You guys are so much fun too! I can't wait to read more about your second year in Saipan.

Elizabeth said...

Your list of discoveries brings back so many memories! The other big one for us was sales tax. It still gets me sometimes... That little island can make large impacts on your daily life. Love you guys! We are looking forward to seeing you, whenever that may be! :)