Saipan Races

 Saipan has an awesome outdoor sports community. It seems like just about every weekend, there's some kind of race or athletic activity going on.  This year, Brian has been participating in a lot of races, either swimming, running, or mountain biking.  Up above is a picture from the Beach Road Magazine bike race in January.
This one is from the Northern Passage bike race by IT&E.  The race course wound through the jungles and up into the mountains of Saipan, into the Suicide Cliff area.

The whole group at the "Meek and Mighty" swimming race this Saturday.  The "Meek" was a 1km swim, and the "Mighty" a 5km.  The race was held in the lagoon just outside of PIC resort.  Brian swam the 5k as practice for the swimming addition of this year's Xterra race in March.  Thanks, Saipan, for all the great activities!
A warm-up triathlon in the weeks before Xterra.

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