In Memory

Richard Morris
January 6, 1926 - February 22, 2012
 This week we lost my Grandpa, "Florida Fred".  He was one of the men that I looked up to most and I always hoped that I could grow up and be like him.   I would love spending the summer with my grandparents in Florida and I will never forget all the stories that he would tell, his ability to always make us laugh, and the way he would whistle while doing the laundry.  He was always very active and I loved to brag about my 85 year old grandfather who was the best player on his softball team and could still hit the ball over the back fence.  He and my Grandma have been on my mind a lot this week.  I will miss my Grandpa very much and I'm very sad that he is gone.  I look forward to seeing him again in heaven.


g&kfifield said...

This is a really nice blog Brian. That is so amazing that he was such an active man. We are praying for you.

Brian and Rachel said...

thanks and love you guys!! Rach