Saipan girls

This post is because me and my friends take a million pictures and because I just LOVE them.
 Beach day at Obyan Beach
Surprise half-birthday party for our friend Amy.  We had a tea-party by the beach with cupcakes and, of course, party hats. 
Delicious hot chocolate during Friday night Pretty Little Liars. 

Waiting in line at the theater for the premiere of Breaking Dawn.  We watched all of the three previous Twilight movies in the weeks leading up to Breaking Dawn, then waited in line for over an hour at the theater... best ever 
 At our Friday Night Pretty Little Liars watching + pizza tradition

 Two of my past coworkers, Pearl and Donna.  Love them, and Pearl's beautiful little 2 week old baby girl, Lydia.
 At PLL night with the handsomest little guy ever, our friend Kayla's baby.

 Going to see the ballet, Swan Lake, in December.  Russian and Korean ballet dancers came to Saipan to star in the show and it was beautiful.  It was all outdoor seating, and cool, breezy weather that night. One of my students gave me a VIP ticket, so I got to sit up front with her to enjoy the show.

 Spending the afternoon at the beach- our very favorite thing to do on a Saturday or Sunday.  

 Eating lunch at Bobby Cadillacs when Kara and Grant's parents came to visit.  Best pizza on the island.

Girl's night at the theater to see New Years Day
I'm so thankful for these girls.  God has blessed me with the most caring, fun, and wonderful girl friends these past two years in Saipan.  I will miss them so much next year!!


g&kfifield said...

I will miss you too Rachel!!!!!

Annie said...

Hi! My name is Annie and my family and I are headed to Saipan this July. I have really enjoyed seeing little peeks of the island through your blog. My husband visited last May as part of an MVP team, but I have never been. Your blog helps me see what parts of life will be like. So, thank you! (O:

Rachel said...

Annie nice to meet you and thanks for commenting! That's so exciting that your family is moving to Saipan- I think you will really love it. If you have any questions about life on Saipan, please don't hesitate to ask- I'd love to answer them! :)