Weekends lately

 Our weekends lately have been spent taking our dowgie to the park...
 Enjoying American Memorial Park
 We're house sitting for another couple here on the island for a few weeks, and their house is way up on Mt. Topochau.  We've been enjoying the wonderful breeze they have up here- you really don't need air conditioning at all.  On Saturday, we had some friends up to enjoy some good old cable... something that none of us have had all year!   MTV, TLC, VH1... I really missed you guys.
Little Sammie dog

 Cable watching party :)  Sitting by Brian is Chief, the best dog in the world!!  We are watching her too while her family is away, and she really is the most well-behaved, sweet dog I've ever known.  Her and Sam love to play together, even though Sam really annoys her at times.
Brian chillin with Chief.

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Anonymous said...

Hi guys!!! Sam is ADORABLE!! She has the sweetest face and the cutest belly. Wish I was w/her to give her a nice belly rub :-) Glad you got her and are having so much fun w/her!!!

We miss you-
Aunt C