Guess who's learning to swim?

This week we taught Samantha how to swim in the ocean!

Yes, I realize that most of our posts lately have been about our pup... I can't imagine what our blog will look like when we have a baby!
It cracks me up how scruffy she looks all wet.
On Monday night, Brian and I took Sam for her usual walk at the park, but this time we decided to introduce her to the water. We took turns getting into the ocean with her while the other waited on shore to encourage her to come to us. We put her in and held her up (our hand under her belly) while she clumsily paddled back to whoever was on shore.
She loved it and would go ballistic when she got to the shore, jumping and pouncing all over the sand. After a few tries, we were just holding her tail up while she did most of the work herself. Everyone says labradors are natural swimmers, and I really believe that now... it was just about the fastest swimming lesson ever.
Brian took her swimming again later this week and she did great once again! Water doggie.
Only downside to taking Sam swimming: she is literally covered head to toe in sand by the time we leave and our car is currently resembling a sand box.
Swimming at sunset!


g&kfifield said...

Hi Rach,
I love Samantha pics:) and never will get sick of them. I am so glad she can swim noW! So true, when you guys have a kid someday it will be a baby blog, but there is no shame in that! Love you Rach!

Anonymous said...

LOVE your updated pics. Keep them coming! Looks like your girl is a natural:) Mom