Bright City

It's hot in Saipan right now. I've developed a very clingy relationship with my air conditioner right now, although we (like most people in Saipan) only run it during the evenings because electricity is so expensive here. We've been taking the scooter out a lot to enjoy the cool ocean breeze on our faces. Here are some pictures of a recent scooter trip around the island, capturing some of the unique places and things we have here on Saipan.

Above is a fruit/veggie truck that is frequently parked on beach road. We've never bought fruit here, though, as we have a stand near our house where we always buy our produce and can speak Chinese with the owners.
Tiny apartment spotted in Garapan (the tourist district of Saipan)
Biggest souvenier shop in Garapan. At night, there are hula dancers and drummers that perform out in front.
Memorial day flags at American Memorial Park

I love this park

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g&kfifield said...

your pictures are so bright and i love the one of you and Brian on the scooter.. too cute you guys! Love you Rach!