2011 Xterra Guam

Last Saturday I was lucky enough to fly over to Guam and participate in the annual Xterra race. After my performance in the Saipan Xterra a gentleman named Joshua Berger sponsored me to race this event. I am honored to have the opportunity to race and represent Saipan.The Xterra Guam combines a 1km swim in the waters of Piti, followed by a 31km mountain bike up Nimitz Hill, then finishing with an amazing 8.2km trail run that navigates through jungle rivers and down slippery waterfalls.

The Port Authority waters were deep and calm unlike my nerves which were not calm. =)The bike section was my favorite, racing up Nimitz hill and into technical BMX like terrain. This red dirt trail was beautiful, overlooking the ocean and island around made it hard to keep my eyes on the trail. The run was probably the most memorable part of the race. It starts off as a pretty easy trail run up the hill then descending slippery waterfalls, splashing down waist-high rocky streams, then climbing through creaky bamboo forests.
Photo courtesy of Takamitsu Usami
I was really happy with my finishing results, I finished 7th overall and 1st in my age group.

Swim - 21:54 Bike - 1:48:06 Run - 56:07

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Anonymous said...

Brian- we're so proud of you! Those are great pictures:) I'm sure these are the first two of many races to come. Gayle