Hiking club to the Old Man

I'm really proud of my husband for the hiking club he started at Hopwood Junior High, here on Saipan. Here's some pictures from the most recent hike they took to the Old Man by the Sea, a rock formation that we've documented on here before.

The whole group. Usually about 30-35 kids come, with about 10 sponsors (teachers at
Hopwood or parents of the students).

Before Brian started the club, Hopwood didn't have any kind of outdoor activity club. Brian loves to hike and wanted to share this interest with the kids at his school, which I think is so cool. The response has been huge, and the club has now taken 3 trips: Obyan Beach, Bird Island, and Old Man by the Sea. The students really enjoy the activities that are planned each time, like scavenger hunts, exploring Saipan's caves, and swimming in the ocean.
The next hiking club activity will be to hike the trail down from Suicide Cliff to the Last Command Post (both are very famous war sites here on Saipan).
I'm really proud of Brian and what he's doing at his school, and wanted to share. More pictures of the next hikes to come.

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