Hey all!

Hello everyone,
It's getting hot HOT in Saipan again. The windy season is over, and it's feeling like summer time for sure on this island!

Here's a little update of what's been happening lately. Two weekends ago, we went on the most awesome couples retreat, Marriage Encounter. ME is a weekend retreat at one of our beautiful local resorts, Aqua Resort. It is sponsored by the Catholic Church, and includes a weekend full of activities and speakers to help strengthen your marriage. It's really popular in our local community and many of our married friends have gone to these ME weekends over the years. We loved it- they had so many great activities to teach you to communicate about all kinds of topics and it was so refreshing to spend the entire weekend with my husband at a romantic resort. Our friends Matt and Amy, and Kara and Grant also did the weekend with us, and the pic above is from the retreat.

Next, Brian has been applying like crazy for jobs in the states. He has put in his application for about 20 schools, and has been working on contacting the principals through Skype. We would love to be back in the states with our families this year, and we'll keep you updated. One thing we know, we don't have to worry about our plans for the future when we are praying that God will do HIS will every day. We are praying that God will put us exactly where he wants us this year (though we are hoping it's in America!!) Either way, we have peace with the result and I'm so thankful that I have a God who leads all of my steps.

We love you family and friends in the states, and really miss you all. We love your comments and love to hear from you. Rachel :)


Anonymous said...

We love you both and are so happy you had a great weekend. Everyone back here asks about you all the time and send their love. Mom

g&kfifield said...

2 words- Adult Silence! Love you rach!

Ginger Ciminello said...

Just found your blog today. I'm looking forward to reading about all of your adventures! Thanks so much for linking to my blog!