A baby shower in Kansas City!

 A couple weekends ago, I went home to Kansas City to attend a baby shower that my family threw for me.  It was such a beautiful shower and my aunt, mom, and gram put so much preparation and thought into making it super special.
The weather turned out to be sunny and about 70 degrees, so we were able to have the brunch part of the shower outside on my Gram's patio.  She has the most gorgeous backyard filled with flowering plants... plenty of great spots to take pictures!
One of my favorite parts was when my mom had all the ladies at the shower go around in a circle and introduce themselves and say how long we have known eachother.  My friends started telling our crazy stories from high school and my neighbor Judi told the story about the bat in my car back in high school (it came in through the car window that I had left open while jogging at a nature trail) and how almost the whole neighborhood heard me screaming when it brushed my arm as I was pulling into my driveway hahahaaha.  It's furry body was seriously just clinging to the side of my chair.
It was so much fun opening and passing around all of the tiny baby boy gifts.  My mom also had everyone decorate a little baby onesie, and my illustrator friend Lyndsey made the most amazing and hilarious baby onesie that looks just like my husband:
Brian laughed so hard when I brought this home to him- then he wanted to show it to everyone.
My aunt Carolyn, aunt Jenny, Gram, me, and my mom
All the ladies at the shower
That night, my friends from high school and I went over to Amy's house and got to hang out again.  I've known these girls for so many years and it's so fun talking about people we knew from high school.  Our ten year high school reunion is coming up this summer and that kind of made us sad.  I love these girls.

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