Taste of the Marianas

The month of May is one of our favorite times of year in Saipan because The Taste of the Marianas is held every Saturday night!  Taste is a food festival with ethnic food from all around the world.  It is set up each weekend at American Memorial Park, and has live dance performances all night long.  
We love it because many of the resorts and restaurants of Saipan will offer special dishes only for Taste of the Marianas.  Our favorites?  The Capricciosa rice croquette and PIC's chicken curry!

 Me and Amy enjoying the island sunset
Beth and Jake at dinner
 yum PIC curry!
finger lickin good
talented Palauan dancers on stage
 Laura and Joe ate with us
 and so did Matt and Ame
 Brian and I :)
We can't wait for another Taste of the Marianas next weekend!

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MyLyn said...

I was so glad to finally meet you there!

p.s. Your pictures always turn out great! What kind of camera do you use?