Sunset Dinner Cruise!

I love these friends of mine and I feel so blessed to have the in Saipan.  They are so wonderful, caring, and FUN!! :)  I'm going to miss them more than I can say!  

A few weeks ago was my friend Kara's birthday and we spent a whole day doing fun things to celebrate.  In the evening, we went on a Sunset Dinner Cruise.  It was my first time to go on one, although by the time you've been in Saipan for two years, most people have gone on multiple dinner cruises!  I thought it was SO much fun- here are some pictures of the night.

 Below: On the dock, getting ready to go out to sea
 The dinner cruise is on a large sailboat (ours was called the Jade Lady) that makes a big loop inside the reef to Managaha island and back.  It lasts two hours and includes drinks, dinner, and dancing!  
Here's where you go.  And there's our 2nd favorite island- Managaha!
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The live music by our musician, Jerry, was so good.
Laura and I

All the girls on the boat and birthday girl Kara with her bday shells and lei.
The dinner was also so yummy- steak, rice, and veggies.

When the boat starting making it's way back to Saipan, we were sitting in the front of the boat with our feet over the edge and the wind in our hair.  As Saipan came closer into view, I thought about how much I love this little island that has been our home for the past two years.  That moment is one of my favorite memories from Saipan.

Last but not least, a little video from the night.  Thanks so much Kara for the pictures and video- love them!


Elaine D said...

Dave & Helen Ann took us on the same cruise our last evening on Saipan. It was fabulous. As we returned to shore we watched a full moon rise over the island. What a special memory!

Rachel said...

Elaine I'm glad you got to enjoy it too- a full moon would be amazing!