My man turned 30 this month!  Here's the whole day in pictures.
Brian's birthday started off at church on Sunday morning, when Bobby Winkfield, the principal of Saipan Community School, had the whole congregation sing happy birthday to Brian during the opening announcements!
Here's the cutest-baby-ever James Van Dam, with my friend Kara on the left and his momma Jackie on the right.
After church, hanging out with Nate, Will, and Jake, who just came back from an early morning spear-fishing trip.

... and onto birthday lunch!  Brian chose Spicy Thai, and we invited a bunch of our friends to come along.  Above is panang curry yum yum yum.

It was such a fun bday lunch- great food and great friends!
Next, I took Brian and Sam to Pau Pau beach for the afternoon.

Sammie's favorite thing in the entire world is her frisbee. Obsessed.

Cracking up from the large amount of sand Sam was shaking from her tongue.
These two love the beach!

Later we went home and I made Brian's favorite dinner: Chicken Parmesan Bundles from Kraft Foods.
I made this meal for him a looong time ago in Oklahoma City when we were engaged and it's been his very favorite ever since.

Sitting outside and enjoying the beautiful Saipan sunset.
I love keeping birthday secrets from Brian and surprising him and spoiling him.  I'm happy to be in Saipan with my love.


Annie said...

Hi! My name is Annie and I have been following your blog for a while. My husband, daughter and I are moving to Saipan this summer. I enjoy hearing your stories and seeing your photos of Saipan- it makes me super excited about moving! I also follow Kara's blog; I am grateful to you both for sharing so many wonderful memories of your time on Saipan. How much longer are you guys on island?

Thanks again. Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Hi honey- it's Mom. Loved your pictures. I think it's time for a new frisbee! And yes, those chicken parmesan bundles are THE BEST. Did I give you the recipe from Kraft?? Love you both:)

g&kfifield said...

Hey Rach,
Spicy Thai rocks! It looks like Brian had an amazing birthday!!!!
Love you!

MyLyn said...

I had no idea you lived next to Heather and Nick! Saipan really is small, eh? :-)