Weekends on Island

Beautiful Hyatt Beach. We packed up little Sam in our blue Toyota and headed to the shore.
Brian and his friend Jake trying to coax Sam into the water. She's recently developed a small fear of the ocean, after being a true water doggie the first few weeks we had her. The dog books say that she's in the "fearful" puppy stage and will outgrow it, so we're just letting her chill and get in to swim when she wants to.
Naughty digging dog... trying to bury my flip flops
me and my best puppy ever
I love Hyatt beach because it's so relaxing and the water is super clear. It's located right behind Hyatt hotel, but is still open to the public, as all beaches are in Saipan. Many people bring their dogs or rent paddle boards on this beach. I love how clean the sand is- some beaches here are filled with gross sea cucumbers and seaweed, making it hard to wade in your bare feet.
A tropical storm was sweeping through the area north of us this week, and our little island felt the effects of it. Here is the big storm I saw outside my work window on Friday afternoon. The palm trees were swaying like crazy.
tired puppy

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh- I love my grandpup. I know I always say that, but it's good training, right??!! Love your new pictures. Wish we'd get some of that rain back here. Hot. Hot. Hot. Love you three:) Mom