i love Brian and i love Sam

 Here's my family on a walk in our compound last week.  This is the lot directly across from our house and we really love the sunset view.  It's so nice to let the busyness or stress of the day melt away while we sit on our porch and look at the view.  

Brian always reminds me to pause during the day and to soak in the beauty of the ocean.  When you live on a small island, it's easy to take the beauty of an ocean view for granted because you see the ocean literally all the time.  I like it how Brian reminds me that we will not always live near the sea and to enjoy it each day we're here.


Elizabeth said...

Ahhh, Sam is huge!! Give her a big hug for me. Brian is right, you really do miss that ocean view. We've only been home a month and I miss it everyday. Love you guys!

Sandy(Hyo-rin) said...

I like your blog so good and your dog so cute I want see u r dog