Home for the holidays

Today I spent the day with my Grampa and Mom in Kansas City. We dug out a huge box of old family photos, and had the best time ever looking through all of them, and talking about the people and stories. I loved it! Here's a picture of me and my Grampa riding the ski lift in Gatlinburg, Tennessee when I was little.

This is my Gramma sometime around 1950, when her and my Grampa were married. Wasn't she beautiful? She passed away this fall, and my Grampa is really missing his wife of almost 60 years.
This was a picture that my Gramma sent my Grampa while he was away in Korea in the Military, after they were married.
She wrote on the back of this picture that she made the skirt she is wearing.
This is my very favorite one! 1951- the year they were married, in Colorado Springs. They look so happy.

I hope you enjoy these pictures. As much as I'm missing Brian, I sure am enjoying this time with my family! If you have Skype, I know that Brian would love lots of calls during the next two weeks!

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