Christmas 2010

Merry Christmas from Saipan!This Christmas in Saipan - Rachel is in Kansas City and I am missing her very much. The weater here is fantastic, 85°F and mostly sunny sky's. On Christmas Eve and Christmas morning my friends and I went camping on a small deserted island of the coast of Saipan.Managaha!

As the locals would say -"We ate plenty coconut".

Canons remain on the island from the battles of WWII

After a full day of snorkeling we cooked foil dinners over a fire.
On Christmas morning we woke up to a very peacful and colorful sunrise. There wasn't any boat traffic or tourists splashing around in the early morning and ocean was full of life. We spent this morning swimming with black tip reef sharks and graceful manta rays.
Matt and Amy walking along the beach Christmas morning.

After we had returned from our trip we had an fondue dinner. I have really appreciated my friends this Christmas. I have really missed my family and Rachel this holiday, but I have to admite this is a Christmas that I will never forget.


Rachel said...

i love it darling! the coconut picture is my favorite. i miss you soooo much you can't even believe!

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Edie said...

Beautiful pictures. So glad you had friends to spend the day with. We missed both you and Rachel.