Jude Wilson Morris

My little love on the day that he was born.
 My tiny baby boy will to be two months old tomorrow.  Everyone told me that babyhood goes by so quickly, but I never really understood what they meant until now.  I find myself rocking my baby and trying to memorize every inch of his chubby little baby face because I know it will change by next week.
Getting ready to leave the hospital and take him home.
Our little Jude is the sweetest and coolest guy around.  Meeting him was the most wonderful, special moment of our lives, and I've found myself wishing that I could relive that day over and over, pain and all.  His personality is starting to come out more now, and he has started smiling at us (these big, adorable cheesy smiles!).  Brian and I are constantly leaning over his crib talking baby-talk, trying to draw out a big grin.
 The sweetest little hands and toes.  On the Fourth of July, he was five days old!

 Squishiest little newborn face.
The first month with Jude was basically a sleepy, but very exciting blur.  Now we've gotten more into a daily pattern, and Jude has started sleeping for a 5 hour stretch in the first part of the night (yessss).  We've had family visiting for a couple of weeks, and we've also tried to get out during the day and go shopping or for little playdates or walks.  Some days we just stay home all day, snuggling, napping, and trying to keep the house picked up or dinner cooked.  When Brian gets home from work, we usually go out again, and we've been taking Jude on a lot of evening walks or hikes.  I'm staying home with Jude until January (when I will start school again), so things have been pretty laid back around here recently.  I try to soak it up because I know I will miss this special time when life starts to get busier again.
 Sitting out in front of our apartment, which is where we usually waited for guests that would come by to meet Jude this summer.
 Jude kept begging me to take a selfie with him, so of course I agreed.
Little one month old in his bright yellow onesie.  This is also when he had started to open his bright little eyes as well!

Baby boy, we are so glad that you are here.  We love you more than words can describe!

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