All the leaves are brown

This past Saturday, we went over to see some friends and roast some marshmallows.  Our friends bought a super cool new fire pit and we gave it it's first test drive that night.  Brian and I brought all the ingredients for s'mores (complete with dark chocolate Hershey's bars yum) and I succeeded in convincing one person that toasting your marshmallow until it's completely black and crispy is the best way to go. 
This was such a fun night.  To me, bonfires signify fall, and it was so much fun sitting around the fire and hanging out.  Then we went inside to watch Thursday the 12th, a gem of a homemade horror movie that Dave and his brothers made in the 90's.  Tessa and I were begging to watch it again because it is now our very favorite movie and we just about die laughing while watching it. Ha! Love them!
Me and Tess were so excited to be wearing our favorite fall boots again.  Also, I want her leggings.
 Uh oh, I spy short mailman shorts!  Samantha loves to sit right by you in the morning and stare you down until you give her some food.  She knows that I'm the one who usually gives it to her, so she will follow me around like a little shadow during my morning routine.  I think it's cute and like to drag it our as long as possible.
 I finally got my Utah driver's license and spent a considerable amount of time at the DMV doing so, so I rewarded myself with two Banbury Cross donuts.  They are so much better if you heat them up in the microwave for 5 seconds each, and then drink them with super cold milk.  Melt in your mouth good.
I cropped this picture because for some reason I chose to pose with my legs really wide apart and it looked super weird.
 My friend Sarah planned a really fun night at Wheeler Farm the other week.  We went on a wagon ride, did a corn maze, and did some pumpkin picking!  Fall activities are the best.  We also had two adorable babies in the group who thought that the wagon ride was the coolest thing ever, and it was really cute to watch their excited expressions.  
Right now I'm:
Reading:  Such a good book, "Life After Life," by Kate Atkinson.  It's a novel that is set during WWII and it involves the idea of deja vu and what it would be like to live your life over and over again; would you eventually get it just right? I got so attached to the characters and was really sad to finish it a few days ago.
Anticipating: My parents coming to visit next week!  Starting school in January.  Having a girls night with my friend Jamie while our husbands camp up in the mountains this weekend.  Possibly joining a women's Bible study at my church.  Getting better at the forearm stand that I discovered I can finally do.
Memorizing: "Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; He will never let the righteous be shaken." -Psalm 55:22  I've had a couple of days this week and last when I've felt really down, and I have this verse on my phone and look at it several times daily.
Listening to: To Build a Home by The Cinema Orchestra

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