Happy week of Thanksgiving!

My girls Kara and Amy above Forbidden Island

Hello everyone,
Guess what we're excited about.....


We have two Thanksgiving dinners this week- we feel very lucky! On Monday night, our small group Bible Study is having a big Thanksgiving dinner and we're bringing stuffing (yum!). On Thursday, we will have another wonderful Thanksgiving dinner at our friend's parents' house, and we're making Brian's favorite T-Giving food: sweet potato casserole (from his mom's awesome recipe).

It's always tough to spend the holidays away from our families that we love and miss so much, but we are thankful to be in Saipan. We feel like our friends here are truly our family away from home, and I'm so glad to spend this holiday with them.
The steep hike down to the island- at some points you need to use a rope.

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Brian and Rachel said...

Hi Darling! I had a great Thanksgiving with you!