Fall in Saipan

Inside of a cave near Bird Island- this is where we hid our stuff while we swam
We had to use a muddy rope to climb down to the beach

Can you see Brian in the red shirt

Hello everyone,

Here's some things that have been happening on our little island.

- We are just loving our small group Bible study on Monday nights. Everyone brings a dish, and it's held at one of our church members houses- up in the mountainous area of Saipan, so it has a gorgeous view of the island and ocean down below. Brian actually led it yesterday, and did a great job. We're doing the series "The Greatest Question Ever" right now. We love the friends we're meeting there, and have been doing some hiking/beach trips with some of them on the weekends.

- Brian is starting a hiking club at school and he's had lots of teachers and students who are interested in helping/joining. They are going to go on one short-medium length hiking trip per month, and he's going to focus on teaching skills for hiking and navigating. I'm really excited for the first one- I'm going too and I'll get to meet some of the teachers at his school.

- I'm joining a weekly yoga class with two of my friends here- so excited for it to start this Thursday. We were looking at one that they hold at one of the resorts here (there's like 8 to 10 vacation resorts here on the island- it's nice for us because they have great food!) out on the beach, but we opted for a less expensive one. Yoga on the beach would have been aaa-mazing, though- maybe next time!

Other things that have been happening:
- swimming in the ocean
- snorkeling
- cooking lots
- nursing prerequisites for me... studying studying again..
- ultimate frisbee
- checking out some of the beautiful war memorial sites
- driving around on our scooter and getting poured on sometimes- by a raincloud out of nowhere!
- stargazing (amazing here out in the middle of the ocean)
- looking for a tutoring job for me... nothing yet- keep your fingers crossed!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you guys are having a fabulous time! I'm jealous of all the awesome adventures and enjoy reading all about them. Good luck with finding a tutoring job Rach! Remeber, guess and check! :)

Jessica Moore

g&kfifield said...

it is fun to read your blog!