"It's Baby America!"

Well hello....
We've arrived in Saipan! We've been spending the last few days hanging out with the Kyonka's and the Colaizzi's (four of our friends from college- Janna and Joey Colaizzi were visiting Saipan for a week, and Laura and Josiah live here) and checking out some of the local attractions.

Saipan is beautiful. And I mean gorgeous.

On Wednesday, we all took a ferry ride to a small island called Managaha, about a mile off the coast of Saipan. Here's a picture of it:

We bought some snorkeling masks and water shoes and went snorkeling for a couple hours. It was so breathtaking under the water.

I've been scuba diving once before and snorkeling once on our honeymoon, but I've NEVER seen this many amazing fish! We saw fish of every color possible, as well as two little sharks about two feet long (non- aggressive, so nothing to worry about Mom!), and an octopus. I think the octopus was my favorite part- we were close enough to touch it.

Here are some of the fish we saw (these aren't our pictures, though):

Black and White Damselfish
Yellow Tangs

Here's some more pics of our first few days here. We've been staying in a hotel, but we've picked out our apartment and will sign our lease/move in tomorrow. We also opted to buy a scooter again instead of a car because gas is super expensive here and also it's just fun. We bought a little blue one today that we're really happy with so far.

Thanks for reading our blog and we hope you enjoy the pictures!


Rachel W. said...

Oh my goodness! It looks beautiful! Is it like this everywhere on the island??? I'm jealous. :) MISSS YOUUUU

Nancy Morris said...

Hi Brian and Rachel,

WOW, what a beautiful place. Grampa and I just finished viewing the pics and Grampa says what beautiful pictures. A couple of his friends fought there while in the Marines in WWII. One famous area that he remembers them talking about was called "sucicide cliff" approximately 1000 feet high. Have you seen it. If so, please take a picture of it. You both look so happy and enjoying God's creation. The fish are magnificent --- we would love to be there and see them. Grampa and I are doing well. Keep us posted. We look forward to your pics and comments. Love and prayers, Grampa and Gramma Morris.

Rachel W. said...

For a new blog name how about: Staying in Saipain, ... something "...in Saipain" to keep it like your original title. :) Miss you!