The day we saw a cobra

This is an incense offering in Bishan temple. People who come to worship here will light their stick of incense and go through a ritual of bowing and praying.

Bishan temple

A super popular milk tea stand in the Nangang area- when we passed by, there were over 30 people lined up for one cup of milk tea!

Our pretty city- Neihu, Taiwan, as you drive by Dahu Park

Yum! fresh squeezed orange juice

Don't look down! This hiking trail was so fun- there were 4 mountain peaks with these stairs built into them, which let you climb all the way to the narrow peaks.

Brian climbing to the top of one

The view on the way up. These trails were in Pinxi, which is the same city that hosts the famous "Lantern Festival" every year.

Here are pictures from another hike that we took with some friends from work. The hike was in the mountains right behind our apartment, and the trail started in the park at the end of our street.

This was.... right after we saw a cobra. Yes, a real, live cobra blocking our path on the trail. We were all walking up the trail steps and heard a loud hissing noise, and saw Austin (our friend's golden retriever) freak out and jump out of the way. A giant "Chinese Cobra" was sitting there, like 4 feet away from us! He was hissing and had his hood all puffed up... but soon just slithered away into the woods. So crazy!

We made it to the top of the trail

The trail ends at Bishan Temple, and overlooks Taipei City

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Beautiful mountains...would love to hike them with you.