Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year!
We just had a week off of work for Chinese New Year, and it was so nice! On Valentines Day, we took a scooter ride to the Pinglin area, which is about 2 hours South of our city, Neihu. We explored the city, took a little hike up a hill to see a cool statue, and ended up running into one of the Chinese staff at my school! She invited us to sit with her family at her house (this was the house she grew up in- she has her own apt in Taipei), and to drink some of the tea that her father grows as a living. The tea was great, and we had a good conversation in English with my friend, and a very broken and limited conversation in Chinese with her family. :)

We also took a trip to Yilan, an area on the Northeast coast of Taiwan. Below are some pictures of our trips, and a few old pictures too! Enjoy.

A girls day out with my friends Ashleigh and Jenna
Hiking in the mountains behind our apartment. There's all these random little trails and things to see- it's really cool up there.

Playing on the train on our way to Yilan- we took a little day trip by train. It was supposed to be a 2 hour train ride, but we took the wrong train and it ended up being a 3 hour ride. Still really fun!
Gorgeous Chinese New Year lanterns in Yilan- lanterns like these are everywhere in Taiwan during the lunar holiday
A train stop along the way of our trip
our tickets
Our starting point- the Nangang train station by our house

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